Physical Condition of Item(s):

The renter of these items reviewed the physical condition and operation of the equipment to be rented and agrees with the condition thereof, as stated on page(s) 3+ (Checkout list).

Instruction and Use:

The renter of this equipment is satisfied with the instructions given and will seek further instruction if necessary for the safe operation of this equipment.

Responsibility For Rented Items:

From the beginning of the rental agreement to return and release, the renter is responsible for the rented item(s). If the item is lost, stolen, or damaged under any circumstances while rented, regardless of fault, the renter will be responsible for all charges, including labor to repair or cost to replace item(s).

Reasonable Wear and Tear:

Reasonable wear and tear of rented equipment shall mean only the normal wear caused by ordinary use or equipment. A) Damage resulting from the lack of necessary oil, water, gasoline or air pressure levels B) Damage resulting from any collision, overturning or improper operation of the equipment, including overloading or exceeding maximum capacity or machine C) Damage by denting, bending, tearing, staining, or misalignment of the equipment D) Any other damage to the equipment which is not considered ordinary and reasonable to the rental company Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC. Repairs will be made and paid for from the renter to the reasonable satisfaction of Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC.

Item Failure:

Renter agrees to discontinue use of machines and contact Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC or their authorized agent immediately. At their discretion Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC may or may not adjust rental rates or provide replacement equipment. This provision does not release renter from the obligations imposed by other paragraphs. In all events renter will be responsible for any injury or damage, including consequential damage, resulting from equipment failure or defect.

Return of Rented Items:

The rented item is the property of Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC and is rented to Lessee subject to this agreement for rental charges and for the period of time noted on Page 1 of this agreement. Renter agrees if he/she would like to extend the term of his rental machines beyond the time and date specified on Page 1 of this rental agreement, he must immediately notify Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC to obtain approval for an extension. If this agreement has not been extended and renter fails to return machines when due. Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC will charge the standard rate + 20% until item is returned. If renter however, does not return item(s) Lessor may enter renters’ property at any time to retake item(s). Renter waives any right or action against Lessor for such entry and retaking. Failure to return or the concealment of rented property is prohibited, and such action may constitute a crime. The Lessor, in addition may notify the authorities and take other action, including the filing of criminal complaints and charges, subjecting the renter to prosecution.


Renter is responsible to pay Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC said amount agreed upon on Page 1 of the rental agreement and any other charges accrued from misuse or abuse of equipment. These charges must be paid in full or there will be action taken against renter for charges not paid.

Collection Cost:

Renter agrees to pay attorney fees, collection fees, court costs and any other expenses incurred in collecting any charges under this agreement in retaking the rented items or otherwise in enforcing the terms of this agreement.


Should renter in any way fail to perform, observe or keep any provisions of this agreement, Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC may exercise any one or more of the following A) termination of this agreement B) retaking possession of the equipment and holding customer fully liable for all rental fees/charges C) pursuit of any other remedies available to Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC

Additional charges may apply a partial list as follows:

  • Fuel surcharge of $5.00 per gallon to the nearest ½ gallon unless otherwise arranged.
  • Cleaning fee if returned unreasonably dirty (mud, ECT) $20.00 per machine.
  • Complaint or ticket for improper or illegal operation $50.00 (donated to charity of our choice).
  • Use while under the influence of drugs or alcohol $100.00 (donated to charity of our choice).
  • Allowing Jet Ski operation without training and card provided by IPS Rentals LLC, $100.00 (donated to charity of our choice).

Reservation Cancellation Policy:

Reservations canceled with more than 48 hours notice, deposit will be transferable to a new reservation date. Reservations canceled with less than 48 hours notice will result in total deposit being forfeited.

Privacy Policy:

Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC is committed to protecting your privacy. We only use the information we collect about you to process the purchasing of your rental(s), and to inform you about upcoming events. Your information will not be shared with any outside parties.

Rental Requirements:

Renter must be 21 years of age or older and provide a copy of their driver’s license and registration, proof of insurance, and credit card for deposit.