As you plan your vacation out west to the state of Idaho, we hope you keep in mind the town of Silver City. Silver City, Idaho, is an old ghost town found in Owyhee County, Idaho, and a fun vacationing spot for many.

Silver City was a booming gold and silver mining town back in the 1880’s. First founded in 1864 soon after silver was discovered at War Eagle Mountain, this settlement became considered one of the major cities in Idaho Territory. Even if you visit today, you still won’t find any paved roads in Silver City; in fact, you’ll find the same dirt roads that were used many years ago. The town is privately owned but does allow visitors.

Even so, this is definitely a place to visit if you are looking for a quieter vacation and one where you can learn about Idaho’s mining history.

Take a drive and you’ll come to find many beautiful, historic buildings in Silver City such as the Old Church. This significant, white church is found sitting on the hill above the city. Many days it is open to the public, so be sure to stop in and admire the ornate, stained-glass windows.

Other buildings around town to watch for are the Masonic Hall, Drug Store, and Silver City Schoolhouse. Take notice of the beautiful, white wood used to construct the schoolhouse and the many columns that lined the windows.

As you tour the town, you’ll also come upon many antiques such as an old vintage wood cook stove, a classic pickup truck, antique wash boards, and various older cars. You will definitely feel as though you stepped back in time.

Because of the vast, open spaces around Silver City, Idaho, this area is perfect for taking your Idaho ATV rental out for a spin. Idaho itself has dozens and dozens of great trails and loops for ATV riding all across the state.

Let us suggest the Owyhee Uplands National Backcountry Byway as a great place to take your Boise ATV rental. Here you will experience the desert at its finest with red-walled river canyons, grasslands, and sagebrush. One of the best kept secrets in this area is the Owyhee Plateau.

If you are looking to start your ATV adventure in Boise and go round-trip you are looking at about 250 miles. This is a perfect chance to take both your recreational vehicles and your camping gear to enjoy the great outdoors in Idaho. We hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. And if you’d like other suggestions for fun things to do around Silver City, Idaho, shoot us a line. We’d be more than happy to help!

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