Summer is the season for creating memories to last a lifetime, and there’s nothing more memorable than a fun-filled day on the lake. If you want to bask in the outdoors without having to seek an air-conditioned refuge, then water sport rentals will keep you cool. Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC offers a variety of rentals that can provide entertainment for all ages, so let’s go through some of our offerings that will give you an exhilarating and refreshing experience you won’t soon forget.

Ski Boat, Wakeboard, and Kneeboard Rentals

1. Ski Boat Rentals

A ski boat rental will help you fully enjoy your time on the lake of your choice with the perfect equation of sun, water, and speed. Idaho is known for pristine lakes that create the ideal backdrop for family adventures, and we can help you add some fun to the mix! Our ski boat rentals accommodate 10-12 people on the sparkling waters of Lake Cascade, Lake Lowell, Lake Owyhee, or Payette Lake.

2. Water Ski Rentals 

Waterskiing is the quintessential water sport that will deliver a fun and challenging ride, and we offer water skis as something extra for your boat rental. Not only will it get your adrenaline going, but waterskiing is also great for fitness, balance, and coordination. Once you have mastered the basic skills and can remain on your feet, you could work on turns and crossing the wake. 

3. Wakeboard and Kneeboard Rentals 

If you want other energizing options for fun on your ski boat, we offer wakeboard and kneeboard rentals. Whether you want to ride the waves like a pro on a wakeboard or prefer keeping things a little easier on a kneeboard, you will surely have the time of your life. You and your family can either master some new skills or have fun trying with any of our extra accessories

4. One, Two, or Three-Person Tube Rentals

Tube rentals are perfect for all ages and something the whole family can enjoy. We offer one-person, two-person, and three-person tubes to add to your ski boat rental as another entertaining water sports activity. Nothing allows you to enjoy the excitement of a day on the boat together, like being pulled across the water on a tube by a speeding ski boat.

Make Your Reservation

Intermountain Power Sport Rentals is ready to help you plan your day of adventure. You can expect a thrilling summer ahead with our variety of choices, affordable prices, and superior customer service. Contact us today at (208) 467-6944 for more information, or you can make your reservation online. We provide our sports rentals in Nampa, Boise, and the surrounding Idaho area.

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