There are many things to do in Idaho. If you plan on traveling to the Lake Cascade area, you can enjoy a variety of recreational activities. Visitors to the area can enjoy boating, camping, fishing, and many other activities. A popular activity in the Lake Cascade area is getting an Idaho ATV rental and riding an ATV trail. Idaho has multiple ATV trails throughout the state. Several exciting ATV trails are close to the Lake Cascade area.

A couple of hours from Lake Cascade is the Custer Motorway ATV trail. This ATV trail is a historic, forty mile long trail. There are two different starting points for the trail, but both will take ATV riders near old mines and several different towns. There is even a hot springs in the area for riders to enjoy. Just remember to bring your swim suit along with you!

The Payette National Forest features another exciting ATV trail just a couple of miles from Lake Cascade. The Teapot Mountain Loop ATV trail loops around the Teapot Mountain. This ATV trail works great for shorter rides because it is only ten miles long. However, it also features some exciting things, like the hot springs, to enjoy along the ride.

Another ATV trail close to Lake Cascade is the Kirkham Ridge Trail. The Kirkham Ridge trail is a very popular ATV trail. The trail is in the Boise National Forest, which features amazing scenery. This particular ATV trail intersects with several other ATV trails. This makes it a great trail to come back to multiple times. You can go off on a different fork in the road and have a different adventure each time!

The Lake Cascade area has many different ATV trails to try. Whichever ATV trail you and your fellow riders choose will be sure to give you an adventure! Before heading out on an Idaho ATV trail, make sure to acquire an ATV trail map. You should also plan on bringing food and water along on your ride. If you need an ATV rental in Idaho, contact Intermountain Power Sports Rentals. We provide ATV rentals, jet ski rentals, and boat rentals in the Nampa ID and Hells Canyon areas. Our ATV rentals, jet ski rentals and boat rentals provide the fun and adventure you’ve been looking for in Idaho!

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